Vitalie Moraru

Vitalie Moraru currently is the President of the Moldovan Technology Transfer Network (MTTN) and also is the National Contact Point for Horizon 2020 Programme and manager of technology transfer and innovation within Enterprise Europe Network Moldova Coordinating MTTN organization he succeeded to create sustainable partnerships with the main actors in the innovation and technology transfer from the country like Organization of Promoting SMEs, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Academy of Sciences of Moldova and many well known research institutes. etc. In this order of ideas he has organized a Mobile Monday Chapter in Chisinau and also participated as partner in such events as Best Innovator Pupil, InfoInvent and many others. Previously he has worked for the Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova as the Head of Policies and International Relations Department. During his 2 Years commitment he has gathered extensive experience in working in the following areas of development: International Cooperation in which he created partnerships with foreign similar organizations and coordinated writing of projects for International Programs and sustained the country application for Enterprise Europe Network also as one area of development was to represent the interests of the Agency abroad by participating in international conferences and organizing international conferences in Chisinau (Framework Program 7 : Opportunities for SMEs., Innovation Networks: a new way for regional development, Workshop on ”Key instruments in the development of the venture funds in the Republic of Moldova” etc.) At the Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer he has promoted the idea of development of the National Innovation Strategy which was negotiated with some UN organizations from Moldova. Before working for the Government organization he worked for UNICEF as Project Assistant in 2 projects ”Separated Children” and” Violence-free Schools” and as Administrative Assistant with USAID ”Local Government Reform Project”. During his commitment with LGRP and other employers, he has acquired experience in working with such documents as: strategic community plans for socio-economic development, local budget drafts, training and other related materials.

Vitalie Moraru has the university degree in International Cooperation and Master degree in Business Administration.