Tatiana Jaiani

Tatiana Jaiani currently works as Business Development and Communication Manager at Georgian Wine Association where her duties include but are not limited to:

  • Project Management;
  • Strategic Planning and Marketing;
  • Preparing, organizing and coordinating events in Georgia and abroad;
  • Consulting and mentoring stakeholders and members;
  • Preparing publications related to special events and programs;
  • Her generals KSA’s are summarized as following:
  • Strong working knowledge of project management aspects as well as Project Management workflow;
  • Advanced skills in presentation, writing and editing;
  • Thorough knowledge of Policy formation, decision making, implementation and evaluation; public management, change management etc;
  • Thorough knowledge of Access to market tools;
  • Knowledge of the concepts, methods, standards and practices of contracts management;
  • Negotiating skills; experience in all aspects of pre/post award contract administration activities under government funded contracts;
  • Proficient interpersonal, result oriented and critical thinking skills;
  • Excellent computer literacy and skills in Procurement Database Management Systems as well as office suite.
Having had to work in different environments, structures and types of organizations, has trained her in interpersonal relationships and communications and helped her to improve analytical, organizing, planning and time management skills.