Yury Yurchanka

Yury is the Coordinator of Zvarot.by, a web-service of e-petitions. The aim of the web-service is to promote citizen participation in governance, increase government accountability and civic engagement.

Yury is currently enrolled in a double Master of Arts program on International Relations, with specialization in European Administration (Lazarski University in Poland and Coventry University in the United Kingdom). He received his bachelor degree in International Relations from Belarusian State University.

In 2014 Yury became a member of e-government CYID think tank. The organization explores ways of how IT and e-gov technologies can facilitate in the work of the governmental structures, aid the citizens and business, and reduce corruption. His field of expertise is the comparison of e-government practices in the countries of the European Union and in Belarus.

In 2011 he was the Nominating person of 2011 John Humphrey Freedom Award Winner. Beyond e-government and e-democracy his interests include youth organizations and youth politics.

At present he is the Vice-Curator of Minsk Shapers Hub, part of WEF youth wing. Yury participated in various donor funded projects in Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Moldova as a project manager, trainer and expert.