Olga Shepel

Shepel Olga Picture

Olga Shepel, Trainer at the Ukrainian Mediation Center (kmbs)

Education: Master of international management, Kyiv National Economic University after Vadym Hetman; courses at Human resources management school under Kyiv-Mohylyansky Business School; certificate, management development program for owners and top-managers: “The art of management” (10-month program), Kyiv-Mohylyanska Business School , programs on mediation etc.

Specialization: HR management, organization of business processes, psychology. Relevant trainings: trainings “Basic mediation skills” and “Mediation skills on resolving corporate disputes”, conducted by CEDR experts, Great Britain; training “Mediation in an organization: settlement and prevention of conflicts and disputes through the use of mediation skills” conducted by experts of Saint Tomas University, USA. "The Art and Science of Negotiations on Harvard Negotiation Project» Accredited by CEDR as a mediator in accordance with international standards. Position and place of employment: co-owner of a company operating in the area of construction; business-trainer, HR-manager, business-consultant.

Work experience: successful work experience with international and Ukrainian companies, which operate in different sectors, and have different legal form of business and stage of development. (JV “General Motors”, Subsidiary “Avon Cosmetics Ukraine”, LLC “AhroDim”, network of fast-service restaurants “Pechena Kartoplya” etc.). Significant experience on resolving business conflicts and disputes between top managers, department managers and their subordinates, as well as between employees.