Christian Putzer

is a Certified Management Consultant since 2003 (CMC). He received the MBA-degree – Master of Business Administration - of the University of Innsbruck, Austria.

Mr. Putzer started to work as a product manager at Swarovski crystal company in Wattens Austria for 2 years. Later-on the was engaged to set up the South-East-Asian markets in Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, China for Swarovski and was based for 3 years in Bangkok, Thailand.

After finishing these assignments he jointed the Airline „Lauda Air“ in Thailand to build up the market after the airplaine crash 1991 in Thailand.


Since 1992 Mr. Putzer runs his own Management Consulting Company called: CPM Consulting – Christian Putzer Management Consulting.He is specialized in developing and introducing Marketing concepts and sales strategies. Furthermore he specializes in international export Marketing strategies in more than 60 countries.

Also since 1992 Mr. Putzer holds seminars for Top-level Management staff on subjects like initiate new export market strategies and also for domestic markets.Sales trainings are an essential part of his seminars, but also to moderate and develop sales and marketing strategies for Western, Eastern and Southern European markets, USA, Canada, Russia. Since 2016 he is also teaching for EaP (Eastern European Partnership) countries in Moldova, Armenia, and Belarus.

He organises high level Matchmaking sales meetings for German, Estonian, UK, Austrian, Italian an Russian companies on behalf of EU-Commission funded projects in Eastern Europe. (e.g. Estonia, Moldova).

Training experience

Mr. Putzer is also a trainer for Management consultants themeselves. He teaches within inicte GmbH, Wifi International, etc., Austria different consultants in Management skills like presentation, moderation, negotiations techniques, designing and setting up the architecture of consulting contracts, Marketing, Export and Sales Management. He performed seminas for Marketing, export, sales in Russia (Kasan, Ekaterinburg, Krasnodar). In November 2016 Mr. Putzer was awarded a UNDP tender-contract for Moldovan and Transnistrian Management Consultants in Chisinau, Moldova.

Austrian Economic Chamber of Commerce

Since 1995 Mr. Putzer is a board member of the Austrian Management Consultants in the province of Tyrol. He also acted as Chapter President for Management Consultants in Tyrol with 4.300 members. In this function he is advocating lawmakers in Austria in favour of Management consultants, and designing membership programs.

Since 2016 Mr. Putzer acts as a trainer on behalf of European Commission in the activity of PPD – Public Private Dialogue - subject „membership“ for BSO – Business Support Organisations. On this subject he will hold a seminar in January 2017 in Minsk/Belarus.