Aleksandre Tsuladze

Tsuladze Aleksandre Picture

Dr. Aleksandre Tsuladze is a legal expert with almost ten years of working experience for the state and private institutions of Georgia in the field of judiciary. He has conducted trainings on Negotiation and Mediation for different audiences on international and domestic level. Aleksandre was also involved in drafting process of new chapter on Mediation in Georgian Civil Procedural Code of Georgia and he is one of the co-authors of Court Mediation Rules.

Before that, Aleksandre has been Visiting Scholar at Columbia University in the New York City and at the Max-Planck Institute of Private and International Law, where his primary object of research was ADR mechanisms. Besides that, Aleksandre is JAMS Weinstein Fellow and Alumni of European Academy of Peace (Rondine). He has undergone sufficient amount of training's on Negotiation and Mediation techniques in different European and American Universities and now he is teaching both mediation and negotiation courses at Tbilisi State University.