Pavlo Mikhailidi

Mikhailidi Pavlo Picture

Pavlo Mikhailidi works on entrepreneurship development in Ukraine with emphasis on improvement of public-private communication mechanisms. He is the Head of Public organization "Union of crisis managers of Ukraine", which brings together businessmen from different sectors of the economy and regions of Ukraine. Pavlo is one of the developers of the self-regulation concept and leader of the coalition for the development of self-regulation in Ukrainian business. He also teaches crisis managers and heads of business associations with the aim of capacity development of business associations, as well as building an effective dialogue with public authorities.

Pavlo has experience more than 20 years, among which conducting as a Head of the Public Council under the State Service of Ukraine on Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship Development, a Head of the Public Council under the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine for 3 years.