Jhale Hajieva

Jajieva Jhale Picture

Mrs. JHALE HAJIYEVA, an Executive Director of Azerbaijan Micro-finance Association (AMFA), dedicated to strengthen the capacity of micro-finance institutions and to promote effective collective action in advancing the interests of the micro-finance community and its clients. Mrs. Hajiyeva is an experienced executive leader with more than 15 years of expertise in project management, microfinance, access to finance and financial sector development. Ms. Hajiyeva has been engagement in promoting diversification of financial products, leading country and regional level microfinance networks, introducing policy level innovations in financial industry. Ms. Hajiyeva is possessing nearly 10 years of expertise in the field of association management and development. Ms. Hajiyeva’s contribution towards sustainable development of the country level network was recognized by several Awards issued by the SEEP Network, USAID –Iraq, IFC and EBRD.

Mrs. Hajiyeva served at the Board of Directors of Microfinance Centre for CEE and NIS and during May 2008-May 2014 whereas the last 5 years she served as Chairwoman of MFC Board of Directors. During November 2009 – November 2015 she served at the Board of Directors of the SEEP Network. Effective 2012 Ms. Hajiyeva is a member of the SEEP’s Association Development Advisory Council . Effective 2013 Mrs. Hajiyeva is a Board member and Chair of the Women Entrepreneurship development & member of the Financial Institutions Commissions within the National Confederation of Entrepreneurs(employers’) of Azerbaijan(ASK).