Hasmik Hovhanesian

Hasmik Hovhanesian is the CEO of the VavilionAlliance Consulting company and Founder of Union of Young Economists. Hasmik has extensive experience of private, voluntary and public organizations.
Hasmik has strong experience of working in UNDP, UNIDO and foreign investment promotion agency of Armenia, where she had to deal with international organization, governmental officials, foreign businessmen, domestic producers, NGOs and Unions. Hasmik is also founding member of Swiss Alumni of Armenia, where she is responsible for the economic events including but not limited: organization of seminars in the rural areas; introducing the Swiss model of development; etc.
She has taken 6 months courses in the Massachusetts University of Boston, where International relations and Negotiations were among the major subjects.
As a CEO of VavilionAlliance Consulting Company she negotiated on behalf of the client with different partners (private and public) to guarantee smooth operation of the business.
Hasmik also has solid experience of preparing speeches, presentations and delivering it to the large audience (almost 15 years).
Education: Primary Degree in International Economic Relations, Masters Degrees in International Relation and Political Sciences, PhD in the International economic relations and foreign trade. Diplomas in Economics, Political Sciences and Foreign trade.