Ilgar Huseynli Gasham

1984-1991 Graduated Azerbaijan State Medical University with honor diploma.

2005-2007 Graduated the Finance and Credit Faculty of the State Economical University

Work Experience

1991-1993 Worked as a doctor-provisory at Bilesuvar.

1993-1996 Director of “Turkish” small enterprise.

1997-1998 Correspondent of “Chagh” newspaper.

1998-2001 Department director at “Mustegil” newspaper.

2001 President of Socially Strategically

Researches & Analytically Investigations Public Union.

2011-2015 Member of board EITI NGO Coalition Azerbaijan

2013 Member of EP Civil Society NGO Forum WG 2 - Economic Integration

2014-2015 National Coordinator of Azerbaijan of WG 2 - Economic Integration of Civil Society Forum EaP


2002 “Transparent Budget” project, head social research group.

2003 “Juridical education at the field of financial-economic activities of municipalities”, Project director.

2003-2004 “The condition of municipal movement in Azerbaijan and development of offers for increasing efficiency of activity in this area», Municipality expert group and project director.

2004 “Electoral education and increasing elector activity”, Project director.

2004-2005 “NNGO Capacity Development», Project coordinator.

2005 “Involving of citizens into local budgeting process and transparency», Project director

2005 “Securing of voters’ rights and monitoring of legislation at parliamentary election”, Project director.

2004 Participated at the conference for establishing Turkish World Municipality Union at Ankara.

2004 Head of the International Observation Mission Corpus of the ENEMO at Kiev during Presidential Elections of Ukraine.

2005 Participant of the International Observation Mission Corpus of the ENEMO during Parliament and Presidential Elections of Kyrgyzstan.

2006 Head of the International Observation Mission Corpus of the ENEMO at Sumi during Parliament Elections of Ukraine.

2007 Head of the International Observation Mission Corpus of the ENEMO at Donetsk during Parliament Elections of Ukraine.

2009 Participated on Traffic Safety program in USA(Maryland State)

2010 Head of the International Observation Mission Corpus of the ENEMO at Kherson during Presidential Elections of Ukraine

2014 SME Policy Training of Eastern Partnership countries, Kvareli, Georgia

2015 Training on Economic Integration and Convergence with EU Policies in the framework of EaP, Odessa, Ukraine

2015 Drawing Lessons and Strengthening the EaP CSF Platforms’ Participation in AA/DCFTA Implementation: Capacity Building on CSO Monitoring and Contributing to Policy-Making, Tbilisi, Georgia

2015 Statistics of working activity in the framework of EaP, Belarus

2016 Organizational Manager of East Invest 2: Public Private Dialogue in Azerbaijan

2017 Local Manager of from EU open market: SMEs practical guide to DCFTA” funded by EaP CSF within the framework of Re-granting schema and co-author of Handbook

Training and seminars

November 21-22, 2006 Counterpart International “Financial Accountability for NGOs: Budgeting İndirect Costs”

November 13-16, 2006 Counterpart International “İn Public Relations: External Relations and Communications”

January 18-19, 2005 IRC Capacity Development Training

Participant more than 200 local and international seminars and trainings.

Author of some books, booklets and brochures, also more than 100 papers on this direction.