Rostyslav Lukach

Ukrainian economist, business-trainer and consultant, NGO-leader, experienced in SME development and investments.

10+ years of successful managing of private companies, non-profit organisations, public authorities and cross-culture working groups.

Education and post-graduation courses: Odessa Economic University; Odessa State Foreign Languages Courses -English (Ukraine); deBaak Management Training Centre VNO-NCW (the Netherlands); UBS Financial Services (USA); HWK for Munchen and OberBayern (Germany); JICA (Japan); Wiener Borse, WIIW/JVI (Austria).

1990-2006 – managing partner, director of private consulting and investment companies.

2006-2010 – director of Investment Department at State Investments and Innovations Agency.

2010 - now – “OSMG Ltd.” Director on Investments, Chairman of the Board; Advisor to PM, Industrial policy & Entrepreneurship Committee Chairman; Business-trainer.