Pascal Ludmila


Pascal Ludmila, for the last 24 years, is working for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Moldova Republic. Current position: Head of Business Environment Development Department. Main responsibilities within the CCI:

  • - Coordinating the relations with central and local public authorities regarding economic and social development, attracting foreign investments, international trade, trade facilitation;
  • - participation as a member of the Working Group on Regional Sectorial Programmes Elaboration; Working Group of the State Commission for Regulation of Entrepreneurial Activity, Working Group on Social Entrepreneurship, etc.;
  • - collaboration with public authorities, state Agencies, BSOs in the field of investment and business climate improvement;
  • - elaboration of the Strategy on co-operation with BSOs from Moldova and Transnistrian region;
  • - Promotion of trade and industry both at national and international levels and supporting businesses of the Republic of Moldova in their relations with Moldovan public authorities, national and international BSOs;
  • - analytical reports, feasibility studies, preparation;
  • - coordination of the activity of the Sectorial Committees created under the CCI RM: Committee on Entrepreneurship in Industry; the Committee on Entrepreneurship in Agriculture; the Committee on Entrepreneurship in the sphere of Services;
  • - Coordination of the Local Business Agenda implementation;
  • - Coordination of the activity of business consultants under the CCI’s Branches to improve consulting services on regional level;
  • - business needs assessment, social and economic impact assessments, monitoring and evaluation, position papers preparation, public discussions organizing;
  • - identification, design, development, through to management and implementation of the regional and international projects and programmes;
  • -Coordination of the activity of Business Council of the Presidents of the CCIs of NIS countries, Moldo-Ukranian and Moldo- Byelorussia Business Councils, BSEC BC;
  • - coordination of the cooperation with the CCIs and BSOs from CEFTA countries.
  • - Participation in the Inter-Chambers CEFTA Working Groups: WG on Trade in Services, WG on Technical Barriers to Trade and Non-Tariff Barriers, WG on Customs and Rules of Origin, WG on Agriculture & SPS;
  • - coordination of the activities under the Balkan Middle Class Bureau (Mittelstandsbüro Balkan), CCI RM is a National Focal Point.
Ludmila Pascal has a University Degree in History, Diploma of graduate studies in International Affairs (Postgraduate: Scientific Research Institute for Balkan and Slavic Research Studies under the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow, Russian Federation). Main specialization: international relations and foreign policy, socio-economic development