Fuat Rasulov

Dr.Fuat Rasulov

Education: PhD in Economics, prof.v

Professional experience:

1989-1996 Business enterprises, Chief Executive Officer; Financial Vice President

1995-present, Khazar University, Deputy Dean and Center for Economics and Business Research, Director

Membership of professional bodies:

2006 – 2015– Member of NGO’s alliance “National Budget Group”

2008 – present - Member of the Advisory Council National Confederation of Entrepreneurs of the AZERBAIJAN

Professional experience:

director of the project (2005-2010): “Medium Term Macroeconomics Forecasting for Azerbaijan”; “Business Sentiment Index”; “Consumer Sentiment Index”; “Corporate Governance In Azerbaijan” and etc.

- 2004-2005 Head of NGOs’ monitoring group. Monitoring Project “Construction Monitoring of BTC (using of national recourses)”. 2005-2006 Public Audit of SCP construction (gas-pipeline), Expert-consultant.

- Training for the employees of the State Entrepreneurship Support Fund (2012), Module “Development and evaluation of the Business plans”

Trainer for 26 seminars series (2008-2016) in several regions of Azerbaijan for entrepreneurs on various topics: how to make a business plan, how to optimize costs, etc.


Over 68 research articles on Economics and Business Management, Textbook on Economy, Handbook on the Principles of State Budget, ets.

I took part in 19 International Conferences (on Economical subject) in Moscow (Russia), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Tbilisi (Georgia), Beijing (China), Brussels (Belgium), Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan), Issik-Kul (Kirghiz), Goa (India), Kiyev (Ukraina), Kuala-Lumpur (Malaysia), Turin (Italy) and ets.