The project “East Invest 2” has ended but some business associations from the Eastern Partnership have taken over the initiative to continue the cooperation by forming a consortium of business associations, with the publication of a newsletter and by sharing information through the webpage:


    Building by 2025 the largest network of business associations, organizations supporting SMEs and the scientific and expert community of the Eastern Partnership countries, effectively interacting with the business community of the Eastern Partnership countries and the European Union in order to improve the business environment and effective development of SMEs.


    From the active development of public-private dialogue (PPD), primarily in the interests of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) of the Eastern Partnership countries, to effective cooperation within the EaP, as well as interaction between the EaP and the European Union.

Nearest tasks:

    1. Presentation of the Consortium as a Result of EU Support and Implementation of the EU Project - East Invest 2 (Successful Story)

    2. Promoting the idea of the Consortium in the EaP countries and the EU.

    3. Expansion of the Consortium participants' base by attracting business associations of all EaP countries.

    4. Expansion of the BMOs / BSOs base supporting the RPP objectives and the operation of the PPD-network, by joining the RPP on the PPD-network website (logo).

  • Presentation of the Consortium during OECD Eurasia week (Astana, Kazakhstan, 23-25.10.2017);
  • Presentation of the Consortium as a successful outcome of the EU projects (East Invest 2) at the IV Business Forum of the Eastern Partnership in Tallinn (Estonia, 26-27.10.2017).
  • Conducting an organizational conference of the Consortium in Tallinn on October 27, 2017 and signing an agreement.

Long-term goals:

1) Facilitating the expansion of effective public-private dialogue in the Eastern Partnership countries;

2) Promotion and implementation of the Regional position paper based on the PPD-network platform;

3) Dissemination of best practices in support of entrepreneurship and public-private dialogue in the Eastern Partnership countries;

4) Improving the business climate by identifying and overcoming the existing barriers to the development of small and medium-sized businesses,

5) Development and promotion, with the support of the European Union, of project ideas and projects for the effective development of SMEs within the EaP, as well as the internationalization of businesses.

6) Assistance in promoting the EU's experience in the development of the private sector, innovation, the establishment and development of the digital economy, information technology, business cooperation between the SMEs of the EaP countries and the EU;


* Development of the Consortium's membership base;

*Constant improvement of the structure of the Consortium;

* Actualization and definition of priorities, main activities of the Consortium, mechanisms for their implementation;

* Systematic information at the national and international levels to the business, BMOs/BSOs and public opinion about the aims and activities of the Consortium, primarily- the maintenance and development of the Consortium's website;

* Active participation in the PPD process, optimization of the dialogue between business, government and society;

* Strengthening of interaction with business associations, unions, associations, based on membership; organizations supporting SMEs, the expert community within the EaP;

* Organization and joint participation in scientific and practical conferences, forums, seminars on business, investment, innovation;

* Providing information on the terms of project financing, incl. innovative and social projects;

* Formation of a bank of ideas for project financing, including at the expense of donors and international technical assistance;

* Implementation of international projects and targeted programs in the Eastern Partnership countries to develop and support SMEs;

* Forming a positive image of the Consortium in the EaP countries and the EU.